“I am failing and it is good!”

I hope you enjoyed listening to my vlog(video-log) and now I am going to offer to you a more solid look and see in words that will help you to go forth with courage.

What they think of you is none of your business

I want you to forget about what other people think of you. If you want to truly be successful in life, if you want to truly be happy then no one is holding you back but you. You are going to have to let go of what other people say about you or what they think of you . What they think is none of your business.-You’ve heard that one before, unless of course you make it your business. What you think about you matters-literally….it materializes.

Try to find a way to shake it off what people are going to say and what they are going to think of you. Everyone has an opinion and I would focus on those opinions that help you become a better person. That give you the positivity to get there. That addresses you with constructive criticism to get you there.  Get the focus on you and start working towards those things you want to experience and receive in your life since they start and end with you.

Look for Positivity in Failure

If you can look for the ‘wonderful’ in what you have failed at, then you will become a master at becoming really good at whatever you want to be. When you can learn and grow from your experiences you will begin to see failure as a wonderful learning curve. Personally I don’t like the word failure as it has so many negative connotations, but if you can find a way to feel different about the word you will rise above it and begin to have a go more at those things that you fear, that failure that you so fear. It is not the failure so much that you fear it is the things that are attached to it like the negative emotions such as-embarrassment, rejection, ridicule and what any other negative emotion that you may experience whilst having a go. It will however make you stronger and through it, if you can begin to laugh at yourself more then you will relax more with it.

(My husband said to me recently, “you need to pick better pictures on your videos”-he was referring to the still photo that had come off my facebook livestream shot. My response to him was-“some of them are really funny and some of them are worse than that. But I am here to share a message, not how I look.” I know it is important to look presentable, but I have no control over the facebook photos that represented my livestream and if I could fix it I would. But I just accept it and hope that people focus on the message. I am comfortable with how things are presented as it is real and I like things to be only a little bit controlled and mostly organic. I like to keep it RAW!)

O.k so maybe in the beginning it might be a little like that or a lot, but when you put yourself out there, there will be also many positive emotions and experiences that will come from it either during or after the experience-but how will you ever know unless you try?

The greatest thing you will gain from any of it will be that you will feel the freedom and expansion of more in your life. You will feel bigger because of the experiences and no-one can take that away from you. You will also add to your confidence and self-esteem, something I am so passionate about and you are doing it for yourself which again no one can do for you.

You cannot fail! You cannot only fail at not trying.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there! Have a go! Give it your best and start living.

I’d love to hear your stories on what you do and how you overcome your fears. Perhaps even what fears you have that are holding you back. Get in touch with me now by posting your comments here-Lashings of Love-Jennifer