Your energy and how you respond to the world around you.

Your energy affects your reality.

Regardless of what you believe you cannot deny that you are flesh and blood and that you reside mostly, in your body when you are not sleeping or daydreaming. But aside from that, you are so much more. You have a personality, you have feelings, you have ideas and for some of you who believe it… you have a soul.

My view on all of that is-THAT IS YOUR SOUL. You are your soul. You have a physical body with physical surroundings and this is  such a wonderful experience to be, in this gift of life.

You also have six senses that serve you.

  • Sight-So many wonderful things to choose to see.
  • Taste-So many delicious flavours to satisfy your tongue with.
  • Hear-So many beautiful sounds to soothe your soul.
  • Touch-The ability to feel so much with one’s hands or skin, to touch another, to cuddle.
  • Smell-Amazing scents and aroma’s for you to enjoy and relax your mind with.
  • Sense-The ability to feel vibrations

I want to take you out on a limb here and share with you how well equipped you are in this life. You have the 6 senses  at your finger tips, always available. O.k if some are impaired, I can tell you that one of them is definitely redeemable even if you think it has been lost. It’s your sense. Some call it gut-instinct. Your true indication of feedback from any situation that is interpreted through your sense or ability to FEEL. This is what you call your VIBE-Vibrations.

You can feel tension in the air, you can feel love in the air, you can tell whether something is a good idea for you or not in the moment… are sensing something all of the time and your feedback is how you determine what is right for you.

“You are a Vibrational being”

Whether you know it or not …..your body vibrates in order to continue to remain alive. But not only does your body vibrate, but so do you and depending on your mood, your vibration will be affected.

How is this helping me?

If you are in a bad mood or you feel negative emotion for long periods, you start to vibrate differently. Your energy goes down and you basically feel like crap.

If you are in a good mood mostly and feel good most of the time, your energy remains balanced and at times can even have peak moments. You reflect in your body and your energy levels how you are feeling over time.

Now lets say you go out in to the world as you do, or even if you are at home with family, that mood that you take with you affects your vibration that you put out and then in turn is flowed back to you…..simple.

“It’s that old adage, what you put out comes back to you”-is so true and you know it.

Now whatever you are putting out is happening all of the time, so if you are mostly happy and feeling good, then that will be mostly the experience you will have. But if you start thinking about something you don’t like and start feeling off about it, but don’t do anything to switch gears, now you start to build a case for things going ‘crappy’. It won’t necessarily happen straight away and that is a good thing. It gives you time to do a detour, or change gears.

So next time you start to have crappy thoughts and thoughts that are not serving you, pay attention to how it is making you feel and begin to think thoughts that do serve you. Practicing that often is easy to do.

Just think about what makes you feel good.

The key to having a wonderful day/life, etc…… is to find things in your NOW that please you. If you are struggling with something, then deal with it and move on quickly. Or in some cases don’t deal with them or get involved at all, just move on if that feels right to you at the time.

Here’s what I do to attract wonderful experiences and days into my life.

  • I think thoughts make me feel good.
  • I look at life as simple, and how can I keep it as simple as possible(remember I have children in my life so there are many demands from other human beings. You are dealing with their emotions too-so I am often challenged with their powerful personalities)
  • I find wonderful things to look for in my day. My kid faces in the morning, my dog, my husband(when he is around),the flowers in my garden, the flowers in someone else’s garden, the sweet smells in the air, someone’s cooking, the beautiful sky, the kindness of a stranger……a good friend…I could go on…….my blog and how it brings me pleasure.
  • Music in my car-music at home.

You get the general idea. There is always something in your now that will please you if you will let it. So right now I think it is time for lunch and I am looking forward to the delicious lunch I will make and enjoy the eating of it… many things to enjoy…..enjoy your now. It is how you vibrate, resonate and how you flow your energy through you and out into your world…….and that’s right, its how it flows back.

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Author: Jennifer Giacoppo

I love Personal Development and I love sharing my experiences, tips and techniques on how I apply Personal Development in my life.
I am an Aussie girl who also loves Zumba, cooking, having fun, laughing a lot, redesigning and re-upholstering, gardening, meditating.
Spending time with my family and friends
I love a good meal.
I looooove a good gin and tonic.

5 thoughts on “Your energy and how you respond to the world around you.”

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    ” You are a vibrational human being”

    That statement brings back memories for me. More than a decade ago I was running Bob Proctor’s Born Rich weekends. A prominent feature of those weekends was about ‘ vibrational state and manifestation’.


    There is no doubts people who are in a positive vibrational state attract more goodness into their lives. Call it Law of Attraction, call it Law of the Universe, whatever. The point is that people who exude positive energy will invariably lead more fulfilled, richer lives.

    Example: money. When I’ve had big earning months (as an affiliate marketer)- $USD20k+ – I can say without fear of contradiction that my vibrational state was very positive. People could sense it, and were automatically drawn to me, like a moth to a flame. Oops, change that – call it ‘like bees to a honeypot’.

    Of course, most people, including me, cannot maintain a state of perpetual positivity. Life can throw some curveballs which zaps our energy and quickly gets us off track.

    I love your four tips, Often joy can come from the simplest things. But it depends on our attitude and our outlook on life. For instance, I currently live in a 3rd world country. When Westerners come here, many see squalor and filth. When I go for my daily walks, I see kids smiling and giving me high 5’s. I hardly notice the rubbish on the streets.

    Thanks again Jennifer – loved it

    Kim Willis recently posted…Blogging Nightmares and Other Horror StoriesMy Profile

    1. Wow Kim,
      you have certainly done well for yourself. I would have to agree with you on what people see in the sense that because a place may look impoverished to one, it does not look as bad to another. Everything is perceptual and it depends on what people focus on.
      I always look for the best in whatever I can, whenever I can only for the sole purpose to enjoy myself.

      Sounds to me like you are well balanced and have got it sorted out.

      Happiness is a Richness and if you can have that then no matter what is happening you will always find a way to feel good.
      Many people think that making a lot of many will fill their happiness, but being happy first while you make money is actually the order of the day for me.

      So wonderful of you to stop by again-Thanks Kim- Jennifer

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Lots of good advice here, for sure.

    From the standpoint of physics alone, energy is the core reality that gives an apparent “shape” to all things.

    As you point out too, all that we experience in our lives is the result of an energy exchange that we initiate, and ultimately receive back in kind.

    I agree that when we give out a specific energy, it determines what will be give back to us. So instead of saying “give and you will receive”… we could say “give what you wish to receive.” And so we do, whether we intend it or not.

    Good stuff here, I certainly had fun, here 🙂

    Donna Merrill recently posted…4 Ways To Write More Blog Posts, And Write Them Better And FasterMy Profile

    1. Hey Donna,
      always so nice of you to make time and stop by although sometimes I don’t know how you do it.
      I love that quote of “give what you wish to receive.” That is truly beautiful and funnily enough that is how I live my life.
      I give others what I would want and it is so rewarding just in doing that.

      Glad you had fun as I had fun making this video and blog….take care-Lashings of love Jennifer

  3. Hi Jennifer. Everything is energy. I learned that a long time ago. Actually, to reference Kim’s comment, I learned that from Bob Proctor too.

    My wife, daughter and I got into some serious poison ivy a couple weeks ago and it has been a completely miserable experience. But it can also serve as a lesson. When you focus on poison ivy, you have poison ivy, and poison ivy is all that exists. When you can successfully distract yourself, the itching goes away and, at least for a little while, you don’t have poison ivy. That’s when the physical healing of it occurs.
    Ben recently posted…Network Marketing Breaks the RulesMy Profile

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