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In this day and age Women are evolving at a rapid rate taking on the roles of many. Mother, Partner, Wife, Sister, Career woman, Friend. Entrepreneur, Revolutioniser, Pioneer, and Re-inventor of the new age woman. We are living in fast paced times with massive opportunities.

You are living in a time of great evolution and you are a big player in the change of humanity not to mention the shift that women are going through. Women have always been through change, but this is by far the greatest at a speed of lightning. For those women who are experiencing their freedom on this planet, never before have we had the opportunities for change on this earth since the dawn of time. These are exciting times for us and equal to that for some, scary times. Let me soothe you.

Can we handle it? Yes of course we can, however we have so much information available to us compared to our fore-mothers 50 or so years ago, some of which I tend to find to be detrimental, so how do we sort out what is right for us? Too much information at our finger tips and the wrong kind of information is hurting us and doing more harm than good for some of us women. Media plays a big role in programming Women into many things that just aren’t right. Too much emphasis on disease and age-related illness and not enough on Wellbeing is causing those of you to believe what you have been fed by those programmes. Turn off the news and programmes that are detrimentally charging you with negative beliefs about yourself and your health.

Your body is rebuilding itself as we speak. In two years you will have a totally new body, if you will allow that thinking. Your cells are always rebuilding.

You are being programmed at an unconscious level and until you become aware, what your negative emotions are trying to tell you-which is when you experience FEAR-about what you watch continuously and pay no attention to it, in time it becomes a part of you.

On the flip-side the opposite is just as equal as I observe Yoga classes, Zumba, Retreats, Organic cafe’s and produce swooning in on our society at a rate of now what seems normal. So what is making us different from one another?

Simply……..Our mindset.

The rule of thumb is to come back to simplicity. Time out of 10-15 minutes everyday for yourself, to slow yourself down will have you feeling like that holiday is not so far away. You see, if we wait until we are exhausted or until our annual holiday arrives to refresh ourselves, we are living in a state of existence rather than in our now. Your wellbeing is governed by your hormones and not the other way around. You are in control of the response that goes out to your body by the way you feel.

Living in the now

What does it mean to live in the now? Easier said than done.

Living in the now means paying attention in the moment and truly absorbing, listening, tasting, touching, feeling and seeing—-whatever has our fancy—to be enjoyed in that moment, that’s why they call it the present. You will not live fully, until you focus in your now. Daydreaming and imagining is powerful and healthy and you will naturally find time for it in your day when you are not focusing with someone or something. But remember, whether you are focusing on something that is tangible before you or daydreaming about it, either way you are focused it’s just when you are doing two things at the same time like thinking about something when someone else is talking to you about something else, is when we begin to overwhelm ourselves and frustrate ourselves and find ourselves scattered or split. Focus on one thing at a time. There is plenty of time for everything.

Life is simple

Life truly is simple and we tend to over-complicate it with the unnecessary. Keep your life simple so that you are able to enjoy it. Only you will be the judge of how that can be. Remove things from your life that are no longer serving you. Add things into your life that will.

Weight loss/Weight gain/Wellness/Wellbeing

Your programming from a young age whether it be good, bad or just downright ugly is just simply that-PROGRAMMING. We have the option to take on the best and worst from those that surrounded us at a young age. No blame here, it’s just part of the process of being together. So, we take on beliefs that aren’t ours at a conscious and unconscious level. You become conscious of the unconscious, or aware when you have an epiphany or realization that now, your ‘borrowed’ beliefs are something that you have taken on. Did you just have an epiphany? Positive beliefs are wonderful to adopt, however negative beliefs that you have adopted now have become a part of your reality. Time to focus on what you want true for you.

If you were born to parents who had poor health or if they were overweight and you are experiencing that in your life now and for some of you it may have been all of your life, it’s just that you have ‘borrowed’ or accepted their stuff. Now if you are happy where you are with your body then that is wonderful, however I am speaking to those women who are struggling with their wellness, wellbeing and weight. It all starts with your mind/body and emotional wellbeing first and you have the power to change it, one step at a time. You have to be self-ish(more of the self/ opposed to self-less/less of the self) enough to decide you want what is best for you and to go out and get it. But you don’t even have to go out right now, it’s all inside first. Shop on the inside and browse before you buy your stuff.

How do I be all things to everyone?

As a Mother, Partner to my husband and Coach it certainly is a rich and fulfilling life. I like changing my hats to be the different roles that are required in my life. I cannot be all of them at once. When I am a coach, I am a coach. When I am a mum, I am a mum. When I am a partner/lover/friend to my husband then I am being that.

There are so many aspects to who I am and I love how life pulls them from me. How they rise up when necessary. So being a coach to my family is sometimes challenging just because as a mum you naturally want to uplift, guide and inspire when needed. Separating the two can be challenging, especially when it is innately within me. I guess what I am trying to say here is just recognize that you can be all things to everyone, when you can. When you have given yourself the time and tenderness so you have something to give. And you can be all things that you feel you can to your family, friends and clients as long as you are aware they will get what they need from many others as well.

I love that my children and partner don’t need me for everything, nor would I want them to. I myself have a handful of wonderful girlfriends and friends that I can share and receive whatever it is that is satisfying to me, not to mention my two beautiful sisters who I adore. It takes a Universe to raise who you are, even in your adult life. Remembering that there are a lot of other amazing influenc-ers out there that will impact on their lives just as much as you have.

So ladies it is time to stop comparing, stop being so hard on yourself, stop expecting to be everything to everyone at the same time enjoy where you are and let the hat change naturally, stop beating up on yourself and start loving you for you. It’s time to tell a new story to yourself and stop borrowing everyone else’s that doesn’t seem to be serving you.

Your Genetics is your mind and focus

Your diagnosis, diseases, genetics are just a programming that has been taught to you. The beauty is, it’s showing you your power of how your focused mind can create. Epi-genetics is beginning to show through scientific experimentation that your cells have control over your destiny, not your genes. Your cells are being influenced by their environment-Your Thoughts!!!!

Begin to realize that you have power and control over the decisions you make about how you feel about your wellbeing, your health and your body. No one can give it to you and no one can take it from you. Your essence is powerful, it overrides negativity all the time. The source of who you are is one of Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Creativity and at the core of who you are Life force Intelligence.


My Special August Package for Wellness, Wellbeing and Weight loss Coaching

For this month my focus is to bring awareness to those of you who are struggling with your Wellness, Wellbeing, Body weight and your mindset. I am offering for this month  a special session of 2 hours(Skype and in-house available) to ignite your Passion for life, wellness and wellbeing and get you started in the direction of Joy, Happiness and the beginning of fun and peace finally. Normally $300, for the month of August just $199.

  • Identify what is going on underneath the veil of your life
  • Removal of a limiting belief with NLP Technique/TLT
  • Set up new strategies and anchors in your life to make the changes
  • Receive a guided meditation/hypno audio for support
  • Shifting your awareness to a new place-where all true change happens
  • Creating new Neurological Networks for change
  • Insight and Information to set new standards
  • Putting in place new rituals

Make the start now by contacting me directly through my contact form page or Facebook page Deep Soul Connection Coach    

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Looking forward to working with you-My Love Jennifer

















Author: Jennifer Giacoppo

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