Quit-smoking Session

So you’re finally ready to quit but you need a plan in place. This is not just about quitting a habit, it’s about embracing a new lifestyle that you have been dreaming of.I understand the frustration that people experience, in getting little or no results with trying to Quit smoking. I have tried many things in the past myself, but if your mind is not up to speed first and you don’t feel well, everything else will just be harder and most likely you will revert back to your old ways. You’ve got to get your thought’s aligned first so that success is of ease. Taking all the action in the world will not help you if you are not in a good mindset.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easier way? If someone could show you the way that you are ready for? I have been a smoker and can tell you that having a plan that you can sensibly stick with and fit in to your lifestyle, will be key to your success.

I work with your conscious and unconscious mind with the power of NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnosis in order for you to make the necessary changes inward to have sustainable success.

We’ll talk about the reasons why you smoke, continue to smoke and what is holding  you back from becoming free of the habit that sucks the life out of your health and your wallet.

Although you will experience change through one visit, sustainable change for  quitting smoking comes over time. I know because I have been there.


Being ready because you want it, for yourself and no-one else is the key to quitting.


The Quit smoking breakthrough session includes:

2-3 hour session

Removal of negative emotions using Neuro-linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

Mp3 take away of your own unique quit smoking hypnosis

My support

Changing your Mental, Emotional and Physical patterns in order for your success.

This will set you on a health kick and move into the healthier more vibrant and happier you, but you will also receive so much more from the sessions on an emotional and mental level. You will also become happier because of the process of letting go negative emotions which attach us to why we smoke among other reasons.

For more information about the session you can contact me to have a chat about whether we are a right fit for each other. It is a complimentary chat with no obligation for 15minutes.

You are one phone call away that can change make the decision for you to quit smoking.

Contact me through the contact form or private message through Facebook

Alternatively you can contact me on 0434 369 402