Weightloss Breakthrough Session

Weightloss Breakthrough Session

Weight loss and maintaining weight after the weight loss, for many can be a struggle that points them in a direction of no hope and what is worse, one begins to think nothing works. However, it is not just about weight loss. You’ve may have heard many talk about lifestyle and lifestyle changes and I want to go even further and deeper for you by saying, it is so much more than that and easier than what you think it is.

There are so many other things to factor in that people tend to leave out and that is why when one loses weight and then gains it, it is the same old same old. This happens because nothing changed on the inside to sustain the change. I help you clear out the ‘baggage’ and teach you about your empowerment. I do my coaching through a process of NLP, Timeline Therapy, Law of Attraction, Hypnosis and Intuitive acuity, Retraining your mind to Wholistic foods and keeping it real for my clients.

Some of those factors are listed below. These are vital to creating permanent change

  • It’s about your relationship and attitude to food
  • Relationship to your body
  • Your emotions
  • What is going on in your life
  • What is holding you back(your past)
  • How happy/unhappy you are in your life
  • Your belief system that you have adopted as your story and keep telling yourself
  • Your attitude to exercise

Your mindset is your metabolism

 I address all of these things in order for you to make a real connection to your body, food and life itself. Without the connection to all of these, it just becomes hard work. I focus with you on the inside first and work on the outside next. If you don’t feel good about yourself now before you lose weight, not much will change on a permanent basis. You’ll lose weight and then in time the old patterns creep in. This is why my techniques are powerful to help you release the old so you can embrace the new.

I myself have experienced many diets, but they all came back to the same thing.

  • Eat often
  • Eat fresh
  • Eat a balance of macronutrient/micronutrients foods
  • Exercise

I have tried the Pritiken diet, The Zone diet, The Liver Cleansing diet and The Fit for life diet. They were all great in that they helped me focus on a plan and always came back to basics which was “fresh is best” full of fibre and vitamins and minerals which are essential to our wellbeing.

I have come to understand that satisfaction has been missing in most of our diets. We often see food as a fuel or necessity and in some cases a lack of desire for food since our relationship to it is poor. I help you build a better ongoing relationship with food and your body.

After your sessions with me, you will not only have  a different outlook to your body, weight and exercise, but a different outlook on life itself. The powerful processes I use will begin to shift your thinking immediately. When you let go of what is holding you back you can move forward into the person you want to become.

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect in the session

  • 2-3 hour session
  • Nlp(Neuro-linguistic Programming)
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Removal of negative emotions surrounding your body, food and exercise
  • Goal setting
  • Tasking
  • Removal of food addictions
  • Food and water guide
  • My support and follow up
  • MP3 recording of your hypnosis

This is not just about weight loss, it’s about your wellbeing, wellness and mindset.

When you create a wonderful and powerful mindset that will accelerate and keep you powerfully on course, then your results are going to be easier for you to sustain.

Remember it takes a little work to get things going, but once momentum kicks in then it will just be a case of maintaining where you are, which is easier than you think.

For more information about the programmes you can contact me to have a chat about whether we are a right fit for each other. It is a complimentary chat with no obligation for 15minutes.

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