Start from where you are.

If you want to get to your desired goal in life, you need to start where you are at.

Honestly, I have seen it a thousand times in my own experiences let alone in others’ experiences. When you want to achieve something, do something, have something or just have those experiences you want to  have, there is a formula on how you can get there. The formula is not difficult it is easy, but what makes it difficult is that for some of us we want it now, we wanted it yesterday or we just make it too darn hard for ourselves.

Here is my formula for achieving the success of your goal.

The reason so many fail to journey to their goal is because the journey either never begins, starts and never finishes or goes off in the wrong direction by being distracted by something else.

Here’s what I do:

  • I set out what it is that I am wanting to achieve firstly with one little thought. In the beginning the little thought is really actually my so called dream.  Several years ago I set out to teach meditation and self-empowerment but really wanted to grow it. I thought about it in a way that pleased me. I imagined myself teaching it in a room where people would come and wanted to just focus on delivering the class, so my vision also involved having another who would take care of the money side of things and greet the people as they arrived.  I was also projecting for it to happen in about 2 years because I felt it would be better suited to a place where there was a bigger population that I was looking to move to and since I lived in such a small town I assumed it just couldn’t be. So I was pleasantly surprised within 3 months when I was approached by someone who wanted me to work out of their centre. Everything happened exactly as I had imagined and it happened earlier than I had thought it would. Thinking the initial dream or thought is a massive part of the process that we do naturally and dreaming about it is natural too.
  • Taking baby steps-taking the steps to move toward the direction you are wanting to go is momentum and movement and plays a major role in the fruition of your goal, dream or idea. Most people want instant results or gratification but that’s not necessarily going to happen in the beginning. It’s important to realize that at the base of everything you need to build a foundation to what it is you are doing. As you build a good foundation it will support itself properly and you will start strong. So I don’t take short cuts or quick fixes as they are not long lasting nor are they sustainable. I also do whatever I can regardless of my re-sources because when you immerse in what you are doing, the Universe supports you in ways you cannot imagine. Just do whatever you can with whatever you have, things will get better by the law of attraction.
  • It takes a minimum 30 days to create new habits-so cut yourself some slack. Forcing things to happen will just have you going against your own flow so take your time to appreciate the movement you are making and enjoy your journey to what you are doing.
  • Let go of control-Remember when I said that I had thought about my dream to teach from a larger space where people just flowed in? Did you notice that I wasn’t expecting it to happen right here and now and thought that it would be something I would do in about 2 years? When you can just imagine things without the strings attached or expectation of a deadline you allow your dreams, goals and ideas to come to fruition. The reason for this is that the Universe loves it when you try not to control your reality. When you are relaxed about it you are open and then there is no resistance being created. The other reason is that you don’t need it in your life to please you right here and now, so because you are not needy of it, guess what … manifests.

Remember-Make a start where you are because where you are is good enough…..

I love sharing and helping so if you found this useful please leave a comment and alternatively if you would like to ask me a question you can pop it into the contact form……thanks for taking the time to read my blog…….Jennifer

Author: Jennifer Giacoppo

I love Personal Development and I love sharing my experiences, tips and techniques on how I apply Personal Development in my life.
I am an Aussie girl who also loves Zumba, cooking, having fun, laughing a lot, redesigning and re-upholstering, gardening, meditating.
Spending time with my family and friends
I love a good meal.
I looooove a good gin and tonic.

4 thoughts on “Start from where you are.”

  1. So true about habits, Jennifer. They’re easy to acquire but hard to break sometimes. I reckon you’re right about 30 days – sometimes it takes even longer.

    Taking baby steps is also great advice. People should also reward themselves when they reach small milestones – it helps to keep them motivated and on track

    All good points you made

    Thanks Jennifer

    Kim Willis recently posted…The Bandwagon Effect in Marketing – How to Use It To Sell Up a StormMy Profile

    1. Hey Kim,
      what a delight to have you back so soon on my blog. Yes I would agree with you that 30 days is the minimum, but depending on how long someone has a ‘bad’ habit going and long they have been at it, will take longer perhaps. It’s all about attitude and I know that when I have to change my attitude toward things that are not working, it makes all the difference.
      I like what you said about rewarding yourself when you reach milestones. I have learnt to reward myself everyday by feeling good about what I have done in the moment or when I lay my head on my pillow at night. Love hearing from you Kim ….Jennifer

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Super video, super message.

    I cede control a bit more each day. Tough for Old Me – that clownish fool LOL – but easier for New Me.

    Doing from an intent of having fun with creating and connecting helps me release control. No heavy attachment to outcomes. Said attachments being the stuff I desperately tried to get, which led me to become a control freak.

    All magic is in the moment.

    All power is in the moment.

    Be there, and magic, and power, flows to and through you.

    I’ve done some neat stuff online, from writing over a hundred eBooks, and the neat offline stuff too (traveling the world) from being more in the moment.

    Thanks much Jennifer 🙂

    Signing off from sunny NJ.


    1. Hey Ryan,
      I think what draws me to people like you is that I feel that we are the same in the sense that we just give it from the heart and be who we are. Something I have always been comfortable with.

      You truly are inspirational to me as it is amazing to learn from someone who is being who they are and it is so encouraging.

      I love your energy and your trust in the fact that as you be you, the Universe will and does support you.

      I love that you have your own style and I am sure there is lots for me to learn just by watching you Ryan.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit with me-Jennifer, following in your footsteps….

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