Am I too sensitive and how can I use it to connect to my soul?

You’re just too sensitive??? Really???

Ever been told you are too sensitive? Can you remember whomever was telling you that and what kind of a person they were themselves? Often it is those who are not in touch with their own emotions for fear of feeling that will say that to you. They may have meant well, but what did they know?

Perhaps their willingness to become desensitized was their choice. Does that mean it has to be yours? Who are they to say that and anyway  what does that matter?

Well, if you are anything like me where you were told that you are too sensitive…….it’s a good thing. Why????? Because you are more connected to your beingness than those who are not.

Your emotions are more powerful in the creation of your life than you are possibly aware of. They can steer you powerfully. Think about when you have gut reaction to something or you can feel the ‘offness’ of something. How many times have you driven down the road and had an inkling to go in the opposite direction, ignored it and found to your dismay that maybe you should have listened to it.Or totally went a different direction in life to what everyone was telling because you were listening to your heart and found happiness.

Your connection to your essence-your source is powerful. It’s the bigger broader part of us that knows everything, even before it is about to happen. When you are in rhythm with it or in harmony with it, it will guide you.

I was so sensitive to people, that at a very young age I could feel their ‘offness’ and so as I have moved through life I have used it to my advantage. I can feel the vibration of the individual, I can tell it they are lying as well as the fact that they are just missing information, as well as whether I need to ask someone else for help. This guidance knows everything and you can tune to it by getting in-touch with your emotions.

So for example: when you are feeling good you receive impulses and instincts to take certain action. Sometimes it is so natural that you aren’t even aware of it. Just like the stories you hear about someone moving out of the way right before a car plows into their bedroom in their home.

HOW can I utilize it to the best of my ability?

When you find ways to feel good through the power of your emotions, all things are possible. Imagine you are working and feeling really tired and dazed and confused. Do you think you can access insight for your job when you feel this way? Now imagine feeling good and relaxed, calm even, do you think you would handle your job in a different way? Of course you would, so what sets it apart? It’s your mood, it’s your state. When you take the time to take time out and care for yourself, when you find ways to feel good in life by turning off the news and listening to something inspirational or even watching something inspirational, when you decide to take charge and feed your mind with things that matter to you that make you feel good… you are accessing those parts of your brain that the scientists say only artists access. That broader part that goes beyond the 10%. Why? Because as you relax you allow your connection to your soul, your source, your wellbeing. It’s an intelligence that can be focused and harnessed by anyone. It just takes exactly that.

Why do I want to access it?

It’s where all the good stuff is. Think of it like a muscle. Imagine when you cook some meat really fast and watch how it tenses up. All the juice is being cooked out of it. Now, move to the end where you see it as relaxing and spreading out over the plate. The juices begin to flow and that’s what happens to you when you find ways to chill out, relax and feel good as much as you can. Your juices in life begin to flow-your creativity, your fun…your wholeness.You have access to everything then. Insight, clarity and fun.

Your connection to who you are and your world around you is extremely important. You are part of things that seem greater than you, but guess what? You are the reason for the greatness…….YOU ARE THE GREATNESS. Maybe you just don’t know it …..yet!

Find ways to flow toward your success of feeling better.

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Lashings of love Jennifer

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