Why you need to show up and 3 things you need to do.

Is showing up enough?


Hey it’s Jennifer here and today I want to share with you this ‘showing up’ thingy that people often talk about and is it enough?

Of course it’s  like anything in life you need to put your energy or presence into whatever it is you are wanting to see results in. People talk about showing up and of course that is half the battle won, but when you get there what are you doing? I guess it’s like anything, are you showing up with enthusiasm wanting to make a difference in your life or are you dragging your feet bringing half of you along while the other daydreams and slacks off? Nothing wrong with daydreaming since it is  powerful to your own wellbeing, but when you show up to something how are you feeling before and even when you get there?

When I show up in my kitchen to cook most of the time I am fully present, ready to know what to create for the family putting my time and love into a delicious meal so that Continue reading “Why you need to show up and 3 things you need to do.”