One Session Wonder

My latest and most exciting discovery of bringing together the last 10 years of therapy. My One Session Wonder is about discovering the root cause of what is going on deeper in your life at an unconscious level. Because I work with your unconscious mind we can uncover what has been holding you back.

The One Session Wonder is powerful as I believe there are only 5 major limiting belief’s in life that are holding anyone back that is not getting the success on the level they feel.That can range from, relationships, the right job, not being happy with the self to an inability to create more abundance in one’s own life. Another major one I see people suffering from is  a lack of confidence.

The 5 major’s limiting belief’s are:

  • I am not worthy
  • I am unlovable
  • I can’t have what I want
  • I don’t accept myself
  • I’m not enough or good enough

Not all people have all these negative self beliefs, but most people have one to some degree or another. Until of course you can fill that empty space with the one person who can do it for you………YOU! 

That’s right I will get to the root cause of what is going on, bring the inner child forth from your past(that you are carrying around with you wounded) heal and upgrade the inner child to your world with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and finish with Hypnosis.

In order for you to become successful these things need to be identified so you can merge and move on with your adult life. Otherwise, it’s like an adult walking around with a wounded child on the inside.

This is a major key factor that shifts the individual from where they are to where they want to be.

The other part of  your success is the work you do after you leave the session. As you will receive a hypnosis recording especially for you during the session, I will be recording it for  you to take away and listen to for the first 21-30 days with affirmations. Upon which I will then make contact and advise you about how to continue to listen to the recording.

Your soul is always available for you to connect to it. It only gets disconnected in times of stress, long periods of stress and strong negative emotions like Anger, Sadness,Fear, Hurt and Guilt. It’s okay to have negative emotions. It’s not good for you when you experience long periods of negative emotion or if you are carrying something from the past into your now for long periods of time. Illness, disease and disempowerment becomes the physical result manifesting in your body because of your soul not soaring through you.

Most people talk about a wounded soul, but in essence  your soul is never wounded it is you that is carrying the pain of the past that separates you from your soaring soul, that’s why you feel wounded. Your soul is always in a state of healing and so too can you be. It’s a matter of releasing the emotions and practicing daily habits of self-worth, self-love, self-acceptance and being enough as well as deserving whatever you want.

If you would like to know more about this powerful session so that you can gain clarity, freedom and healing, contact me through the contact page or on facebook via private messenger.