Not getting results!-Here’s why.

The truths about why you think you are not succeeding.


Often there is wonderful information out there that tells you why you are not succeeding at what you are doing. That information can be true and correct for some of us. There can also be missing pieces as to why you think you are not succeeding. I know that one truth can be that you are actually on your way to success and don’t even know it.

Let me ask you this. What do you deem as success? What is your idea of success?  Success is the emotion that tells you, ‘you made it.’ Success is the feeling that rises up within you to let you know ‘it’s happening.’ Is success feeling healthy to you? Is success feeling financially secure to you? Is it losing weight? Is success feeling loved? Is it owning your own home? Whatever it is, it all balls down to one thing-the end product which is the feeling that you generate when success has arrived. And that is  HAPPINESS!



O.k so you probably think ‘REALLY’, or ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME’ Jennifer. I know some of you will say, well happiness is not going to put food on the table or pay my bills. You’d be wrong and I’ll tell you why. If you were to find happiness often and just decide I am going to be happy no matter what my circumstances are, you would see your world change. Let me explain this in an analogy of a sponge.


So, I want you to imagine two sponges. Just like the ones you use to wash your car(you still wash your car right? Well, if you don’t, try to remember the one your parents used to wash their car with before we got spoilt and went to car washes-ha ha). I remember those sponges that were large with  holes in them and always reminded me of swiss cheese…. Now imagine one  is open and ready to soak, whilst the other one is bunched up tight in a ball. Don’t laugh, you’re going to like this-I hope! The one that is open and ready to soak up water is a ‘happy’ sponge. It absorbs the water quickly and without effort. It can take on more and carry more. It gets the job done. The one that is tight and bound up is a ‘grumpy’ sponge. It takes much longer and doesn’t absorb water evenly. It’s flow in and out is poor and so is it’s performance.

Now I liken this analogy to when you are feeling grumpy and cranky all the time, your performance will be poor. Your ability to go with the flow and allows things to flow to you will be poor. How you feel will reflect how things will go for you. When you are happy you are filled with a feeling of wholeness and richness. You have little or no cares in your life. You appreciate things and life is just damn wonderful.

Can you see where I am going with this? Which sponge are being lately?

Now you’re probably asking the question, but how is happiness going to change my life-even financially? Well let me tell you this,

It is the essence to life.

Do you know really successful happy people? Do you think that maybe they were always like that? Maybe they were and maybe not. Do you think that maybe some of those people may have been financially secure, healthy and loved but just found there was something missing in their lives.-Happiness. You know, you don’t need to be wealthy to be happy. You can choose to be happy with very little money, because for some reason things begin to flow to you when you don’t find one hundred and one excuses on why not to be happy. But you might say, ‘If I can get financial freedom first then I will be happy.’ Actually it works the other way around.

Happy first, Happy first, Happy first. giraffe-471550__340

Financial freedom is an extension of you and when you decide to get happy and apply yourself in life then you become the person you set out to be. At birth we are all created equally in the sense that we all have choice and choice is available at any time.

So what I want you to absorb here is,(hope you’re a happy sponge because it will serve you better) to know that true success on all levels can be achieved. If you are a mostly happy, mostly healthy, mostly loved and can mostly pay my bills kinda person, then life is serving you well and you are on your way to more. If you are finding yourself whining  and complaining that there isn’t enough of the good stuff in life then it is time to change your attitude.

 Success is only a choice away


When you wake up in the morning you must choose to want success and you must be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve that. My latest thing for success is how to be a better mother to my children in the morning and greet them with love instead of 100 reasons why they haven’t done what they are supposed to . Would I really want someone shouting and barking orders at me first thing in the morning? Not really. So I let them awaken and then 15 minutes later I try to remind them to get going with their schedule. And sometimes there is screaming, but I am working on it. (I also live in a large home so sometimes the yelling is necessary…..hey no-one is perfect! ha ha.) In the past it had worked but as children grow their needs change as well their habits. So it is a constant change and go with the flow as much as I can without too much rocking the boat and although sometimes the boat get’s rocked it’s nowhere near as bad as tipping the boat over.

So I am working on being calmer from my waking stage to theirs and then some. It starts the day off better for all of us. My other challenge is to not sweat the small stuff regarding my children’s mess from time to time. Sometimes you just gotta let it go. Still working on that one. But I am choosing to make different thought patterns about it.

Success can come fast but who is taking score?


It’s important to realize success comes when you do things repetitively and consistently. Regardless of what it is you are wanting to achieve, results will come when you focus on what you need to do to bridge that gap. The point is not to do something to get it done, although most people think this is how to live a life. The point is to enjoy and learn about something that you are putting your effort and time into. Life gets boring when you know how to do everything because you have mastered it. So look at what is being presented in your life as a wonderful challenge that will cause you to be in a different space and then you will say to yourself ‘I feel as if I have grown or expanded with this new thing I am doing’. Now that is true success.

When you are working towards something, it may seem important to have deadlines and in fact they can be quite useful to your progress. But make sure you focus on your deadline so that it brings you to the next one and so on in order for you to keep at it. Taking score about whether you have made a monetary gain will cause you to run off in a ditch. Of course in the back of your mind you will have an idea of what you would like to make and how nice that would be. But in the mean time it is as we say in Australia-Head down, bum up. It’s a saying that means-get to work!

Sometimes success can come faster to others and take a lot longer with others. Don’t compare yourself to how fast or slow you are progressing against others. Again, you will run off into a ditch. Make sure you have a strategy and stick to it. It’s fine to tweak your strategy, but keep it going. In the beginning and for a while, I would not even recommend that you insist on asking yourself why you haven’t made the money you intended by such and such a date.

Off in the ditch…..again!

Measuring Success


I want you to take some time now to measure your successes. Are you only measuring how much money you have or haven’t made? If you are then stop doing that. It’s time to measure your experiences and how far you have come instead of measuring where you should be.


If you wanted to lose weight and you started a programme, do you think that you would lose weight straight away? Maybe for some but it is highly unlikely. So where is the success in that? Good question?

A person wanting to get fit and lose weight would need to measure their success like this:

  • I made a start
  • I feel good for doing that task
  • I gave it my all
  • I think I would like to do it again tomorrow
  • I like they way it makes me feel
  • I feel proud

Do you think that they were successful in losing weight yet? No, but they are on their way to success through how it makes them feel and by applying themselves regularly they will get there over time. The emotions are powerful leads here in order to drive success. That’s why it is important to have a good attitude in your life-most of the time.

Success is a constant evolution


If you are wanting success in finances, health, love or anything else for that matter you must understand that it starts with a choice and then there is a journey to get to your desired outcome. Once you get there you will constantly find new and interesting ways to maintain and expand the way in which you do things. Why? Because life would get boring.

So start thinking about your life and your challenges you want to achieve as do-able. Look at your successes that you have already in order to start on the right foot. Think about success as a ‘happy sponge’ first and when you fall off the wagon, just get on the next wagon that is coming. Pat yourself on the back more, don’t wait for others to do it.


I’d love to hear your comments. Tell me what you struggle with and let me help you to a solution. Let me know how you view success?

Thanks for visiting my post and if you liked it share it!-Jennifer



Author: Jennifer Giacoppo

I love Personal Development and I love sharing my experiences, tips and techniques on how I apply Personal Development in my life.
I am an Aussie girl who also loves Zumba, cooking, having fun, laughing a lot, redesigning and re-upholstering, gardening, meditating.
Spending time with my family and friends
I love a good meal.
I looooove a good gin and tonic.

8 thoughts on “Not getting results!-Here’s why.”

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I like the sponge analogy. I do agree that we don’t need to be wealthy to be happy but I need to be honest, it helps A LOT.

    For example, money doesn’t buy happiness, most people will think about material stuff but being able to support your family, be able to pay a good school, be able to get them to a good vacation, everything cost money. That can lead to frustration, not for material goods but for our family.

    Even so, I also think that to make good and positive results, we need to be positive and even if money isn’t everything in this world, everything revolves around money, sadly.

    Success is a constant evolution, that is a super cool phrase Jennifer, I will leverage it for sure 🙂

    Nicolas Puegher recently posted…Latest Traffic ReportMy Profile

    1. Dear Nicolas,
      thanks for your input and thanks for stopping by. I agree that money can’t buy happiness but it will buy alot of things. I guess I am trying to say that no matter where you are in life, get happy so that you are not relying on only being happy when money is rolling in. And, let’s face it in our society you need money to survive. I guess that people focus only on that and not actually how they are doing things in the meantime, in the sense that you need to enjoy what you do.
      I am with on that one. We need money and it is the exchange through which we receive what it is that we do.
      The trick is that if you want to make more money, you have to appreciate what money you do have or you will go around in circles of never enough money. Appreciating the amount you do receive will pop you onto a trail of receiving more. Hope this helps-Jennifer.

  2. Hi Jennifer. I can really relate to what you are saying in regard to your children. I have two and I homeschool them in addition to building my own business. I used to stress out about getting their school work done every day and staying on a schedule and all of that. When I did, I found that I barely had enough time to help them get their work done and no time for mine. When I relaxed about it and just went with the flow more I found that we had more than enough time to get the school work done and I have enough time to write four or five blog posts in a week. Happy sponge is definitely an easier, more successful way to get through the day.
    Ben recently posted…Being Content versus Being HappyMy Profile

    1. Dear Ben,
      wow you are a busy dad. That is truly amazing that you can blog at least four or five times a week as well as homeschooling. Hats off to you mate that is awesome.
      It is definitely better to go with the flow. I sometimes find it hard to go with the flow, but my beautiful children are reminders of that. In the end, sometimes I just have to go with ‘their’ flow.

      I have noticed that going with the flow is also much more enjoyable and less of a fight. It is the natural design of who we are.
      Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and again -Hats off to you mate!-Jennifer

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Wow I really enjoyed this post – sponges and all!

    And yes I’m old enough to remember using sponges like the one you showed, to clean our car – in fact I still do it that way!

    You make a very interesting point about happiness.

    For many this term may sound a but fluffy but really when you think about it, the attitude required to acheive happiness, is everything you need in life.

    And it takes some effort to achieve.

    Let me share a story with you to help clarify what I’m trying to express here.

    Recently our family went through a very tough time both financially and emotionally. It would have been so easy just to get frustrted or angry or complain and blame others.

    But this would not have helped or solved the significant problems we were facing.

    As a family we gathered together and shared our love for each other and then as a family unit agreed to not think negatively.

    Now this was not all that easy considering the situation we had found ourselves in. But we supported each other and built an attiitude of gratitude and positive hopes.

    Surprise, surprise. All of a sudden we discovered ways to overcome things that previously seemed so imposible to solve.

    It was like some good fortune was finally coming our way and this only strengthened our family commitment to having a happy positiver attitude.

    As a family we are happier now than we have ever been despite all the recent tough issues we have been through!

    There’s my story for today and your post Jennifer brought it all back to me – its a great lesson in life and one we all need to face and experience in order to fully appreciate your superb post.

    Thanks as always for your wonderful insights Jennifer

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    Peter Beckenham recently posted…Affiliate Marketing – A Guide for Complete Beginners Part 2My Profile

    1. Dear Peter,
      I love the power of the Universe and this story you have told. First of all thankyou as always for visiting my blog.
      People don’t realize the power that they are connected to. When we relax into a mode of appreciation or gratitude the Universe supports us in the way we want it to be. Mind you, the Universe conversely supports us when we are feeling negative as well.

      We are meant to thrive and succeed, but sometimes we put the cart before the horse and expect it to be instant success in either dollars or seeing things happen and it is important to remember how far we have come and what can we appreciate in our now.

      I love this story you have shared because it shows that when you work with life in a harmonious way, it supports you or rewards you in the way you truly expect.
      Thanks again for sharing Peter-Jennifer

  4. Hi, Jennifer.
    I love your sponge and mother descriptions. When I’m thinking about what you say in your post, I would say it’s important to choose to do what we love. It’s easier to set up the strategy and stay tuned with it.

    No more excuses and no more sorrow. If someone is facing them – change the job or business as quick as possible. Find the one that will give a meaning to your and other people’s lives.

    Thanks again for posting this.

    1. Dear Irena,

      I love where your heart is at. You sound like you can be that person need to give them the inspiration to get going. I love your energy and I am looking forward to seeing more of it. I feel it will help a lot of people who are in search of what you have to offer.
      Thanks for visiting-Jennifer

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