NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Time Line Therapy™

I have never experienced anything like this…..this is life changing and  I am so passionate about it since, I have always been someone who works from the heart. I can proudly say I have arrived at my destination, it is the destination of living to the fullest and helping others live to their fullest. This has been a lifelong journey, but most recently in the last 10 years.

What is NLP?

NLP is Neuro(nervous system-the mind) in which we experience our world through our senses, like-taste, smell, touch, hear and sight.

Linguistic( Language) which can be verbal and non-verbal communication. Did you know that our make up of communication is:

  • 7% Words-is what we say
  • 38% Tonality-is the way in which we say it
  • 55% Is our Physiology-Body Language

Programming the way in which we interpret our world and becomes our communication and how we communicate to others.

Language that re-frames the neural networks to create new pathways, means new ways of thinking. In laymen’s terms it means it causes your neural networks to create new pathways so that you can have new thought’s and so forming new habits create change and that means successful outcomes.

What did NLP  and Time Line Therapy™ do for me and what does it continue to do for me? 

 NLP and Time Line Therapy™ has changed my life in massive ways. First I felt a shift in my energy levels as  past negative emotions were removed which then allowed energy to flow freely. Then I experienced extreme clarity so much so that my eyes and body felt like the clarity of when I was a child and it still remains with me. I have absolute certainty and drive and nothing can stop me. What is that about-That is about who you truly are and how you should be living. If you are waking up like I was feeling tired and feel like you are muddling about, then NLP and Time Line Therapy™ will not only have you feeling amazing, it will have you soaring.

Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™ is a technique that removes all negative emotions going back to before your physical birth. In the womb a child is influenced by it’s mother’s vibrations or thoughts and so will take on the surrounding vibration. It is well known for it’s use in the Warrior Program in the U.K and is endorsed by Prince Charles. It’s purpose is to remove trauma so that when the war vets witnessed such horrific events(PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder or PTSS-post traumatic stress syndrome) they are removed from the negative emotions. The event is not removed as the learnings are important for growth, but the negative emotions are. Negative emotions are what anchor us to an event. Once the negative emotions are removed, the person is free. It is very powerful and assists the individual in a speedier recovery compared with traditional methods such as counselling or psychology. I am all for other methods as they all have their place and so speaking from my own experience this is something that for me defies the nature of traditional therapies.

Time Line Therapy™  used with NLP is not only extremely powerful, but they go hand in hand. Some techniques are :

  • Removal of negative emotions such as anger, hurt, fear, guilt and sadness from the past
  • Integrating Parts
  • Removing limiting decisions so that you can finally be free from your past and really start to live for the first time.
  • Removing anxiety and recovering the powerful you that is hiding underneath. It also removes depression which is basically the combination of Anger, fear, hurt, sadness and guilt.
  • Goal setting was also fun, as it was goal setting in a way that I had never done before. Goal setting is also done with Time Line Therapy™.

I feel as if I am shining brighter than ever before. It will change your life and breakthrough all those limitations and things that have been holding you back. You will become unstoppable.

I also have been someone who has wanted to help people breakthrough in a most positive, safe, fun and loving way. NLP and Time Line Therapy™ fits so well with me.

If you want to chat with me, then changing your life is only moments away. I am offering complementary 10-15 minute calls via skype or phone. Reach out as you will be glad that yo did. You are one step from changing your life.

Lashings of Love Jennifer

Author: Jennifer Giacoppo

I love Personal Development and I love sharing my experiences, tips and techniques on how I apply Personal Development in my life. I am an Aussie girl who also loves Zumba, cooking, having fun, laughing a lot, redesigning and re-upholstering, gardening, meditating. Spending time with my family and friends I love a good meal. I looooove a good gin and tonic.