It’s all about ME. Me, me , me, me, me!

There is nothing that you cannot be free from. It is just recognizing

” Am I ready to let go?”

“Am I willing to have an open mind?”

“Am I ready to move on and go with the  change?”

You have the ability to create whatever you desire in life, you also have the same ability to create things you don’t desire. Often we can create from a space of fear and this is what creates what we don’t want. You might say, “why would someone want to create fear in their life?” and I would say to you, if you are conscious of it when it arises you will always be aware, if you ignore the signals then fear begins to create what you do not want. One must focus on what they want, that’s why I say It’s all about ME, ME , ME and by that I mean YOU, YOU, YOU!

The Universe responds to your every whim. The good, the bad and the ugly. It does not discern between what you are wanting, that is your job. It simply gives you what you are focusing on. Therefore when I have clients come to me ( via skype or in-house sessions) they are ready to receive what I am ready to help them clear, and boy oh boy don’t they get it.

I have a client who wanted to change her health and during the course of her sessions, not only did she let go of the emotional baggage that was pulling on her shoulders and neck, she also reduced her sugar intake by two-thirds. She stopped drinking coke just after one session and is continuing to find ways to support her new health that she is embracing. She still has some to go, but is well on her way there. Everyone is different and depending on how the individual recognizes what they want out of it, makes a massive difference to their outcomes.

Another client has successfully let go of past hurts from sexual abuse. Do you know how big that is? People die in silence from bearing that kind of abuse they have suffered from long ago and still walk around in their life carrying it. A broken heart is a broken soul. Put the heart back together and the soul is renewed.

I have had people tell me that they were told that they were unwanted or stupid. Do you know how that one event can alter one’s life in such a negative way, but how freeing it is when for the first time they remember more clearly who they are by releasing and resetting?

NLP and Timeline Therapy is by far for me one of the most powerful techniques in helping someone to release deep seated past issues that can take a lifetime to remove. I know how much my mother had suffered with her own  inner hurt’s and pains many years ago and boy oh boy, if this had been something I had been aware of at the time I would have used it in a heart beat. It would have made all the difference in her life.

I want to share some success stories about my clients who have come to me and mostly I would like to say that everything is about you, because you get to decide what you want in life, you get to decide how to feel and you get to decide what you would like or prefer. That’s why children often behave as it the world revolves around them and actually it is more like the Universe revolves around them and it does. Guess what????? It also revolves around you too, you just gotta get more like a child and have fun and be silly and enjoy more and love more and laugh more. When you do, your Universe will be a very different place. You were once like that when you were a child one would hope, well if you weren’t or you have forgotten isn’t it about time you started to lighten up and loosen up in life?

Your life is all about you, it’s about how you treat yourself, treat others, how you feel, how you act and what you think. How much joy are you having in your life?There is so much power within yourself right now that you could literally think of a blue butterfly on a cup and within a week or so it would appear. Why? Because what you think matters…..literally. And it manifests because you don’t care for it, you just think about it because it’s fun.

Your life is meant to be lived fully everyday, if you are only living half the life you were meant to live then we need to have a chat.

Isn’t it time you stepped it up and began to get what you deserved?

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Isn’t is time you started to shine and love life more? -Lashings of love                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Jennifer

Author: Jennifer Giacoppo

I love Personal Development and I love sharing my experiences, tips and techniques on how I apply Personal Development in my life. I am an Aussie girl who also loves Zumba, cooking, having fun, laughing a lot, redesigning and re-upholstering, gardening, meditating. Spending time with my family and friends I love a good meal. I looooove a good gin and tonic.