Is success dependent on Talent?

Do you have to be talented in order to succeed in life?


The truth is you don’t have to be talented at all to succeed in life and talent can and is a learned thing for some of us. Of course there are those who seem to just spring into life as if they were born with it, and I gotta tell you they are. But that’s just them hitting the ground running.

No excuses


I’m not going to let you get away with it. Don’t think that because you may not be good at many things there isn’t a hidden talent in there waiting to reveal itself. The truth is that it will not reveal itself on it’s own, you will have to explore it. Most people become talented through sheer application of themselves on a daily level. It’s like someone learning to play an instrument who has no idea at first what and how to do it. But with a little practice, passion and routine soon they can become someone that you call talented.

We are born the same


We are born the same in the sense that we all have desires to discover, learn, grow. achieve, enjoy and create in our own lives to the best we know that we can. Like I said earlier some of us are born hitting the ground running and appear to be ahead of the pack, but for those of us who are yet to discover our abilities  our journey is one of  discovering and applying ourselves in order to achieve what may become a ‘talent’.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are less or got left behind!


You did not get left behind and you are not less. You have to understand that we all do things in our own unique time and in our own unique way. The question you may want to ask yourself is: Why is it taking me so long? Or I can’t seem to find my groove.

Honestly, you can. If you are procrastinating about why you can’t finish something or why you haven’t started it, you might want to change that mantra to: I want to find my thing, I want to find something that is interesting to me, I want to feel passion for something that I love. I want to get good at it. It’s just taken me a little while to realize what it is that I want to become good at and not for the benefit of others so much in the beginning, but the benefit of me! 

Get talented at having a go!


Get talented at at having a go at things and discovering things and finding out what you can do when you apply, apply and re-apply yourself without giving up so easily. Life is a constant journey that carries sub-journeys within it. Make life an adventure and discover the joy of learning new things.

My father was often told by other people that he was clever. Often people would talk about his clever-ness.

He left school when he was 14. My father is self-taught……..even to this day. I often follow his trail.


Author: Jennifer Giacoppo

I love Personal Development and I love sharing my experiences, tips and techniques on how I apply Personal Development in my life.
I am an Aussie girl who also loves Zumba, cooking, having fun, laughing a lot, redesigning and re-upholstering, gardening, meditating.
Spending time with my family and friends
I love a good meal.
I looooove a good gin and tonic.

2 thoughts on “Is success dependent on Talent?”

  1. Interesting point you make about talent, Jennifer.

    When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a professional musician. One day I asked my guitar teacher this question: ‘how important is talent?’ He replied by saying that talent helps for sure, but nothing is as important as hard work.

    As you say, everyone has a talent for something. They may not be awesome; they may just be middle of the road, but if they combine a modicum of talent with a heck of a lot of sweat equity, success is likely to follow.

    The problem is that most people are ‘workshy’ and therefore have little chance of success.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment, Jennifer

    Kim Willis recently posted…Business Posture: How to Play the Posture Game and Crush Your CompetitorsMy Profile

    1. Hey Kim,
      thanks for stopping by and sorry it has been so long in responding. I am doing an overhaul of my site so that I can focus on my passion of Personal Develpment.
      I like the term ‘workshy’ as it describes those who really can’t be bothered to do work in a nice way. I believe that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Yes we are all good at something and the most powerful thing people can do for themselves is to feel good about what they do and who they are….it’s the secret to a successful life….thanks again for stopping by -Jennifer

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