‘How to get more out of your day-Yes please!’

Thanks for taking the time to watch my vlog and read my blog.  I am changing things around a little because I love to keep things interesting. I know most of us are busy, so I feel it is important to keep things short and sweet and insightful.

I get more out of myself and my day when I am feeling my best, so remember if you want to be enjoying life and feeling the best and giving your best, find a way to lock on to who you are.



You are someone who at times probably doesn’t give yourself enough credit in this busy world. I love busy,but know when it is time to knock off and give yourself credit. Here I am going to give you some now:

  • You are doing the best you can and now I want you to feel good just on that note. (say to yourself regularly-I am going to give it my best as best as I can now)
  • Some days are going to be better than others, but don’t let the less than good days make you feel bad! Just know that there will be days when your energy is stronger and that’s the days you delivered more.
  • You are a human being, not a machine.-Be kinder to yourself and feel more tenderness for yourself. You are a feeling, loving, caring, intelligent, active being-who understands that there is an amazing power of energy that runs through your body and highlighting your heart.
  • Enjoy more about you-secretly tell yourself you are already amazing. Something  and someone(s) loved you enough to allow you this physical experience-start realizing the wonder of who you are. -Your mere presence is a miracle.

Reach for more wonder in your morning and your days will become more wonderful-Sharing and commenting is appreciated. I want to hear how do get more out of your day or maybe you would like to message me through the contact form. Is there something you would like me to address with what you struggle with.

Again thanks for your time-Lashings of Love -Jennifer




Author: Jennifer Giacoppo

I love Personal Development and I love sharing my experiences, tips and techniques on how I apply Personal Development in my life. I am an Aussie girl who also loves Zumba, cooking, having fun, laughing a lot, redesigning and re-upholstering, gardening, meditating. Spending time with my family and friends I love a good meal. I looooove a good gin and tonic.

12 thoughts on “‘How to get more out of your day-Yes please!’”

  1. Hi Jennifer

    Thanks for another enlightening post and video

    Feelings are important, no doubt about it. Everything I do is based on feelings. Sad to say that sometimes I make decisions. based on feelings that were wrong. I live to regret those decisions.

    And yes I’ve made decisions based on good feelings, and everything worked out well for me. Such is life without a wife.

    Nevertheless, I think people should avoid becoming too self-obsessed. It’s not healthy. By all means give ourselves a pat on the back every day – we get good feelings from those actions.
    But sooner rather than later I think its best to get back into action mode, and slay some more dragons.

    Thanks Jennifer
    Kim Willis recently posted…How to Use Authority Positioning to Give Your Competitors NightmaresMy Profile

    1. Hey Kim,
      l love your matter of fact way of speaking. I think the most important thing is to recognize what works for YOU and roll with it. I love giving and sharing in many ways in my life as it fills me up. But also giving back to me in the process and doing things as well as thinking good things about myself is key for me.

      Action is such a wonderful thing. I love action….especially when it is the action you enjoy and desire-Always love your little visits here….thanks for visiting-Jennifer

  2. Hi, Jennifer

    I always feel human being is funny creatures who don’t give himself enough credit. Many people regard this as altitude of humility. It is not humility ; i believe it is the problem of self love.

    Main course of self- love is we each have to appreciate who you are. That include good and bad characters and ability. Until we can do that, then we can flow out the love,and gratitude to others

    Thanks for the post, Jennifer. will share.

    Stella Chiu

    Stella Chiu
    Stella Chiu recently posted…You can Free from Asthma for Good almost EffortlesslyMy Profile

    1. Hey Stella,
      thankyou for visiting my blog and yes I would have to agree with you there, it is love-self love that is the key to our problems. I also tell people if you feel awkward with this self-love stuff then just realize that loving another is the same thing, since you cannot give love to another and absolutely hate yourself.

      Appreciating one’s self more is also helpful to realizing who we are and also that is a form of self love.

      Thankyou for visiting my site and sharing your insight-Jennifer

  3. Hey Jennifer,

    My writing hours are always in the morning. Its routine. I know what will be doing each day. And its all about where my mind is at. Whether I’m excited or inspired. Or if I have hit a hard place in the writing and I am scared. But I go with the mood. I love my morning process (well most days anyway).

    I have been doing what you talked about, shaking up my afternoons – stepping outside of the norm and over the last couple of weeks that has been exciting. I have met a tonne of like minded people, in the same niche as myself (you included). But I had to push myself to do things differently. It was painless as well but the results were stimulating.

    So your words ring very true for me. Great talk.

    Rachel recently posted…How Do You Respond To – “We Need To Talk”?My Profile

    1. Hey Rachel,
      I too value people like you visiting my blog. You are always insightful and giving with your words.
      I am feeling quite good about the people who are visiting my blog regularly as these people are deep and rich and full of advice.

      I like you am starting to reach out to more and my business is beginning to grow. I am loving the power of blogging as it offers wonderful connections and to me it seems a way to ‘have a conversation’.

      Glad you are paying attention to what you need to evolve to, so good on you,however you don’t strike me as someone who sits idle.-Love yoru visits and input-didn’t know I could make friends in this way…..Jennifer

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Being in the moment when we wake up is amazing. Even one minute can make a huge change in our day. Love starting my day like you.

    No Expectations: Whenever we expect, we seem to be let down. Instead, we need to think of how we are going to plan our day. Take that creative energy and do that first..works so well. Yes, like you mention…we sort of feel like a child lol.

    It sets the pace of a great day.

    Love your advice,

    Donna Merrill recently posted…3 Steps To Selecting A Blogging NicheMy Profile

    1. Hey Donna,
      I love your comment about no expectations and that whenever we expect we seem to be let down. Often that is because we are focused on the negative aspect when we are thinking about it. I pay attention to my feelings when I think about something and that is my indicator that lets me know where I am in terms of how I am thinking about something.

      I think for me the best expectation is to just feel good and when I do that it is like magic in my day. The universe conspires to give me the best.

      Thankyou again for visiting wonderful lady, always love your presence as the more time goes on the more I feel I get to know you-Jennifer

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Very nice!
    I think you are right that we can get so much more from a day when we challenge the internal models in our brains.
    It’s those models which create the ‘autopilot’ feel, so when we do something different, even making a deliberate decision to *think* differently, we are challenging the internal models.
    That in turn gets the brain working to analyse what’s it being fed, and the result is more energy and imagination.
    I like the angle you’ve used!
    The Great Gordino recently posted…If The People Around You Won’t Cheer You On, Go And Find People Who Will!My Profile

    1. Hey Gordon,
      so glad you visited my blog. I love chatting it out with people who are like minded and have something to offer in terms of “The Mind” or “Emotions”.

      The mind is such a powerful creator as it is the place from whence we are doing our thinking, and such powerful thinking can be created. I love what Einstein said about the mind-“Imagination is more important than knowledge” and I so agree with it because even though we can learn and we can absorb, imagination has no limits and it is a powerful creative mechanism that allows us to think and feel and create.

      Planning things out is fun and so is going with the spontaneity of life.

      I love that you hit on the space of thinking differently so that our day does not become mundane. To me that is the secret to an exciting life. Thanks for visting-Jennifer

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Truly enjoyed this post – yu made me feel good inside ad that was perfect timing as I’d had a crappy day!

    I’ve already written down a few of your golden gems – especially the one that reminds me to tell myself that I actually pretty good – can’t quite get to the “amazing” level yet but give me time!

    Love your natural abundant energy Jennifer – it makes watching your videos something very special .

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    Peter Beckenham recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Course vs Self LearningMy Profile

    1. Hey Peter,
      when I read a comment like yours, it just makes my life so much sweeter. Nothing gives me greater joy than feeling good, but to make someone else feel good is golden.

      Instead of thinking you are amazing, try to feel amazing when you can or notice when something is amazing. It is the same feeling and then apply that in your life when you can.
      Everything is a feeling and thinking is only the beginning, but to feel it…..well that is the whole purpose. Your life is about feeling….Love your energy too Peter…..thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it…that is my purpose. -Jennifer

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