Deep Soul Connection Packages

I understand the frustration women experience of not feeling good where they are in their lives, of not getting the results they would like. Why? Because I have been there. My life has mostly been great but I have had my challenges too. When I discovered these powerful and unique tools and exercises I was flawed by how fast and accurate the change and shift would be. My love for personal development has only grown deeper and richer since discovering these techniques that I now use on my clients.

I offer two packages depending on your needs that will help you finally breakthrough the doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, old thought patterns, unconscious beliefs and so much more.

Working with the Power of NLP-Neuro-linguistic Programming/Timeline Therapy/Law of Attraction Coaching and Empathy/Sentient Coaching, I work closely with you to help you get clear on what’s holding you back, setting you free from your past and building on a more positive future with goal setting.

There is no magic bullet but I can tell you that NLP and Timeline therapy is powerfully fast and amazing. All my clients gain success in moving in a new direction that they are seeking, however this is a joint affair. You must be invested in your outcomes and take action as I implement tasking. The tasking is usually inspirational.

I can guarantee that you will release and let go as this is done in unique sessions. No two sessions are the same and there is a sequence of layers that are removed.

The Deep Soul Connection Packages come in two sizes:

  • 6 or 8 Week packages (1hr weekly sessions) of One on One Powerful Coaching experiencing a removal of a lifetime from your past of Anger, Sadness, Fear,Hurt and Guilt
  • Removal of limiting beliefs you currently hold
  • Parts Integration-merging with your soul
  • 6 or 8 Weeks of Daily Guided Imagery/Relaxation/Meditation to keep you on track
  • 6 or 8 Weeks of my full support(may include-private messaging/skype/phone as necessary
  • Eternal access to my private Deep Soul Connection group for ongoing support
  • Jam Jar release collapse
  • Peace rose Techinique
  • Food and other minor addictions
  • 2 half hour follow ups
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Wellbeing

………………..and so much more

Skype and In-house sessions available

Private message me now or contact me here in the contact box for our 15 minute complimentary chat.