Hypnosis and De-mystifying it.

Hypnosis and the De-mystification

I have always been intrigued by hypnosis for as long as I can remember.

I have used it in my life to focus with a healthy pregnancy and giving birth as well as changing careers.

Now that I am a Hypnotherapist myself, I have come round to fully understand the power of it and how it works.

I still use it often as I delight in the inspiration of the words that flow through me to create my reality and experiences.

If someone told you everyday of your life that you were no good in ways that you comprehended, like:


-“Oh you can’t do that”


“You are not doing it right”


“It’s simply not good enough”


You begin to download a belief that makes you feel like not really being enough or good enough and so with that attitude success in any area of your life may be affected. This is where we begin  to create blocks or limiting beliefs in our life.

 You-r  Universe 

The Universe is responding to you and for you. Whatever your heart’s desire is will be matched by the Universe. The Universe is responding to your thoughts, feelings and actions and of course  your language plays a major role in that. Your language is an expression of how you are thinking and feeling. As you resonate the Universe responds in like manner. Like attracts like. There are no exceptions to this. You R your Universe. Your Universe.

So How does Hypnosis fit into this? 

Hypnosis is basically a relaxed state. When you allow yourself to relax you are re-aligning to your soul in magnificient ways. When you relax and let go you allow in all the goodness that your soul wants for you. It works because as you do this repetitively, you are re-grooving new neural network pathways in your brain. And so you create a new belief over time. That’s how Hypnosis works. Most people have resistance to a subject and so Hypnosis when listened to repetitively, helps that resistance to be reduced. A new belief is formed and becomes a part of the individual through thought, feelings and ideas and then eventually it manifests in more physical terms.

 So start at the core

If you want change and you want permanent change then you need to go within and do the work from that place. When you make a decision to be enough or good enough or whatever it is you are wanting to achieve, then you need to walk in that direction everyday. Telling yourself something once simply won’t just cut it. You have to tell yourself a new story everyday, the story that you want your life to be and find thoughts, feelings and emotions that help you from where you are that support you.


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Big Love…………