Anxiety/Panic Attacks Package

Anxiety and Panic attacks seem to creep up on us, but actually they are in the works for a while before they show up. You are receiving signals of distress but not paying attention to them and listening to your heart, mind and body.

I have experienced both and they are quite different. How do you know if you are having a panic attack or an anxiety attack?

Well, it’s different for everyone and  my experience will be different to yours. For me the anxiety was something I could feel coming on, as with the panic attack it  was much faster. Depending on what was going on in my life, I would experience one or the other. For me it was a living of life too much into the future, fearing I was trapped as well as not enjoying the present. Overload or  overwhelment of underlying fears of the future-worrying about the future-this one was the Panic attack for me and always felt bigger because I had more resistance to life at the time when I would experience it.

The longer you live life and find more things to worry about, the more resistance you bring into your experience, through the experience of panic attacks and anxiety.

Anxiety was definitely milder when I experienced it and felt I had more control over it. I would also notice it was stronger when I was on my female cycle. So I was definitely more sensitive to Panic attacks when I was cycling, but it did not have to do with the fact I was cycling, it had to do with being run down and overloading myself with too much pressure. Anxiety to me was more about what I couldn’t control in the moment, especially when I was away from my family. There were other fear’s attached to it.

The resistance is what causes the degree of whether it is mild Anxiety, or if it is more powerful which was known to me as the Panic attack. A panic attack would take over my body so powerfully I was out of my own control. Control was the main factor that also contributed to my experiences. Trying to control outcomes rather than trusting and allowing.

Anxiety to me was more about what I couldn’t control in the moment, especially when I was away from my family. There were other fear’s attached to it.

Anxiety and Panic attacks seem to be from overwhelment and fear of the future. You don’t have to live with it. It really comes down to what stresses are going on in your life, what your fears and worries are about and how much you are overwhelming yourself.

When we are balanced in our lives, then we live in a stress free zone. Also when we are balanced we handle stress in a very different way.

I offer 2- two hour sessions taken over two weeks with full support and strategies on how to create the change you are wanting to bring into your life, so balance is restored. An Mp3 audio also is given to support your journey. Hypnosis included as well as Time Line Therapy®.

You will receive the tools and information to recognize anxiety or panic attacks before they get off the ground.

2 follow ups included -plus full support.

Reach out and contact me for a 15 minute chat-complimentary